Officina Tesini Guest Rooms
The historic garage of famous people and motorsport legends

A long time ago “technical salon” for road vehicles, sport machines and competition vehicles was frequented by Showmen and racing legends like Maria Callas and Tazio Nuvolari.
The historical mechanical laboratory, which is situated in the heart of Verona, re-opened now as “salon of relax”. It offers two rooms of the famous MARTES  garage – founded by the Veronese mechanic, developer and driver Danilo Tesini – in a place dedicated to have breaks and rests. It wants to be a place for tourists and enthusiasts of a motorsport era, made by drivers and extraordinary personalities.

Enjoy your stay while respecting memories that connect these rooms to the history.

OFFICINA TESINI, the history.

Danilo Tesini wasn’t just appreciated as a technician, but also as a driver and constructor of two-seater sport cars, the MARTES (acronym of Modification Automobiles Reparations Tesini). In the 50th these cars deserved the congratulations by the Maserati’s brothers…





Between the 1945 and 2003, Danilo Tesini has reviewed, modificated and realized special kits for road and competition vehicles in this room, known as the “Salon of the carburetors”; thanks to these kits, Danilo Tesini’s nickname became “Wizard of the motors”.
On the walls of this creative laboratory are collected pictures of the personal history of the mechanic which also was the constructor of motors and competition vehicles (the MARTES), inventor of the automobilistic patents, the gentleman driver Danilo Tesini; here were received clients and prestigious friends (including Carlo Abarth, Alberto Ascari, Giulio Cabianca, Vittorio Emanuele, in addition to Tazio Nuvolari and Maria Callas).
He was defined by his friends “a man that has lived on the motorsport and loved it until the end”, the 15th of July 2008 when died.

from 100€ to 200€ Including VAT
Tourist tax excluding
In fair periods the rate could increase

This is the old dressing room, reserved for the mechanics of the Tesini’s workshop, and it’s dedicated to Nuvolari.
Those mechanics followed with care his automobiles and started up, when he asked, the Alfa Romeo P3 form the epic victory of the 1935 at Nürburgring; this was the racing car that after all of its success was parked by the side of the laboratory of the friend Danilo.
A “monster” that emitted flames more or less one meter long by the exhaust pipe, that made the walls of the mechanical workshop shake with so powerful resonance that could have been heard up to Piazza Bra. Tazio came to this workshop every Monday and then he made himself drive home by them, in Mantova, where Mrs. Carolina Nuvolari was preparing the tea for Tazio and Danilo.
Like this from 1945 to June 1953, two months before passing away in his bed, the 11th of August.

from 100€ to 200€ Including VAT
Tourist tax excluding
In fair periods the rate could increase




Room realized for tue maximum comfort with memorabilia objects and hostorical pictures.


The main door is a security-door, the doors of the rooms are protected by a numerical code.


King-size bed 180x200. Upon request two separated single beds 90x200.


Beside lamps to create a soffuse illumination and for nocturnal reading.


Every bed has USB-port for phones and tablets.


Wi-Fi in private rooms and common areas.


Indipendent air-conditioning and under-floor heating in winter.


Satellite TV 39” with national and international channels.


Still and sparkling water.


Coffee machine with coffee pads.


Parking in the historical Tesini workshop for 15€ per night for the cars, free for bicycles of the clients.